Sell More, Manage Less

What would you do with a few more weeks in the year to sell to your customers? Problem: Our Client was handling shipping logistics totaling over two million parcels a year for a single customer. The orders were received in multiple formats from different workflows based on order content and file type.  Due to the lack of standardization, the effort of importing orders into their warehouse … Continue reading Sell More, Manage Less

Automating Manual Tasks in a Single Day

New Risk and Compliance Policy doesn't have to mean new work for you Problem: Our Client had tens of thousands of records being stored in Azure SQL, with a loose data retention policy of seven years. New Risk and Compliance policies required them to change the data retention to a strict six years and put a process in place to eliminate data as it aged six years and one day. This created a daunting daily … Continue reading Automating Manual Tasks in a Single Day

Content, Content Everywhere: No Good Way to View

Business doesn't just happen in front of a desk anymore. Take your content mobile. Problem: Our client had a wealth of technical documents available for their products, but no way to share them with customers and technicians in the field. They wanted to fully leverage their investment in the documentation they had created, while simultaneously … Continue reading Content, Content Everywhere: No Good Way to View