No Way to Integrate into a Legacy System? Says Who?

Just because the vendor says it can’t be done, doesn’t mean we can’t build a solution that works for your needs!


Our Client is a national reseller of custom cards and stationary products, and is using a legacy hosted ecommerce platform with very little flexibility to customize, or integrate with other products due it’s closed-code nature. They already utilize a web-to-print platform for their site, but wanted to be able to upgrade to a newer version and add some extra functionality that their customers were asking for. Since there is no out-of-the-box solution for what they wanted to do, and no support available from either their ecommerce provider or their web-to-print platform vendor, they needed a partner who could learn their unique environment quickly and come up with solid and scalable workarounds to the limitations of their current platforms.

Our Solution:

We got right to work speaking with our Client’s web-to-print provider to understand how the platform worked and what challenges there would be with the needed upgrade. We also went a few steps deeper, understanding how our Client processed orders after the web-to-print come through from the website, to make sure we were building a solution that would work through all steps in the process, from order to customer shipment. We were able to quickly upgrade the web-to-print platform, and rewrite areas of the source code to allow a much more stable integration into the ecommerce platform. We then helped alter the way web-to-print orders came through from the site, to make sure that they could be seamlessly processed by our Client’s existing fulfillment process, without having to change any workflows.


Our solution not only solved all the problems our Client’s wanted to address, but also a few that they hadn’t even thought of. We were able to tweak the interface of the web-to-print platform to make it easier for users to navigate through, ultimately making it easier for them to purchase. Because we took the time upfront to understand their fulfillment process, the new solution integrates seamlessly with their existing processes, requiring no new changes in the way orders are processed. The best part; we came in under budget, and delivered results beyond what our client expected in less than 2 weeks!

Systems We Worked With:

  • Network Solutions for hosted eCommerce
  • Customer’s Canvas for Web-to-Print
  • Google Docs for managing order tracking

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