Don’t Let Increased Volume Get in the Way of Increased Profits

If you have a manual process that is making it difficult to increase profits as you scale, automation can be the answer


Our client is a printing company that provides custom printing for a National Real Estate Company, handling business cards, flyers and more. Due to the huge volume of orders, all with individual customization, handling new orders was a constant, labor-intense process. They wanted to put the power of ordering and customization in their customer’s hands, while still being able to control design and order parameters.

Our Solution:

We created a branded eCommerce portal that plugged directly into the Real Estate company’s internal systems. We integrated Single Sign On (SSO), so their employees could seamlessly access the ordering portal without having to enter any new credentials. When accessing the portal, we automatically prepopulated the user’s information (name, title location and contact information) based on their login. We also pulled pre-approved taglines for the flyers based on the user’s login and location. Orders placed were automated to integrated directly into the printing company’s backend process, so no manual interaction was required.


Our solution allowed our printing Client to offer their Real Estate customer a completely branded, easy-to-use portal that eliminated all the manual processes involved in taking new orders. Their customer can now login in and order business cards in minutes, with little or no customization work required. Because we also automated the entire backend printing and distribution workflow, the entire process can now be completed automatically with no human interaction required. Not only does this give our Client a much better user experience to their customer, but they save so much time in placing, designing and managing new orders that the entire project will pay itself in the first year after implementation!

Systems We Worked With:

  • nopCommerce for open-source eCommerce platform
  • Chili Publisher for Web-to-Print
  • Switch for automation

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