New System saves Hundreds of Hours a Year

A funny thing happens when you design task automation the way YOU need it to work. It actually works for you.


Our Client is a Fortune 500 Manufacturer, with over 4,000 stores nationwide, and grand openings already scheduled for hundreds of new stores over the next two years. Each grand opening took a tremendous amount of coordination to manage between different departments and divisions. Real Estate was responsible for store location, maps, and hours. Marketing was responsible for graphics, mailing lists and direct mail campaigns to announce the new store. Sales was responsible for creating events and other promotions to drive traffic to the new store location. There was no centralized system for handling the different pieces of information and workflows required, creating a tremendous project management and coordination headache between multiple divisions.

Our Solution:

We created a centralized, web application built for handling all the pieces required for a successful new store opening, complete with Single Sign-On (SSO) to make it easy for everybody in the organization to use. Our solution included capturing all the information from each department and division involved in the new store opening, including process workflows for approvals. Working side-by-side with our Client, we defined and created templates for each grand opening so workflows could be automatically kicked off behind the scenes without the need to manually initiate and track approvals. Everything from graphics to mailing lists to event coordination is included in the system. We built templates for event management, so each store could simply select the type of event they want to host, which dynamically builds and executes the request forms necessary to schedule the event (date/time, budget, lunch options, various prize giveaways, discount coupons, etc). We even automated the marketing process to route mailing lists through a cleansing process to ensure data is as accurate as possible before printing and mailing to the surrounding customer base.


Our solution eliminates hundreds of hours of manual tasks a year across multiple departments and divisions. There is now a single repository for all the information required for a new store opening, instead of information living in multiple inboxes, shared drives, and spreadsheets. This allows our Client to efficiently manage the process, while freeing up time in multiple departments and divisions each time a store is opening, saving tens of thousands of dollars a year in indirect labor costs. On top of those savings, our Client also saves thousands of dollars in direct mailing costs by avoiding sending mail to outdated or incorrect addresses. Teams can now focus on maximizing their opportunity to sell more with each new store opening, instead of focusing on the mountain of logistics and coordination involved!

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