A Mobile App as Sophisticated as the Product it Supports

When you sell a highly engineered product, the way you service it should feel just as high quality.


Our Client sells highly engineered products nationwide for the commercial sector. Due to the complexities of their products, it’s crucial that they are installed properly by trained professionals in order to perform as designed. Our Client offers comprehensive warranties on their products, but ensuring that installations were done to spec is critical in avoiding warranty claims due to faulty installs. To qualify their products for the warranty they offer, they have a team of field technicians that perform inspections on installs across the US. These technicians took handwritten inspection notes with no consistency between inspectors, and used their cell phones to take pictures where needed. The notes and pictures were then combined and sent via email to the warranty department, where they were finally entered manually into a warranty module. This was a very tedious and error prone endeavor. Not only was this process time consuming, but the inconsistency between inspectors and what’s captured opened our Client up to increased and unnecessary financial risk from faulty warranty claims that have nothing to do with the quality of the product itself.

Our Solution:

We developed an iPad app to manage the entire inspection, providing a standard and fool-proof process for capturing the necessary information on installs, reducing the time and risk involved in issuing sound warranties. The app allows field service inspectors to view their inspection schedule, including contact and product information, as well as maps of each location. When on-site, they can follow a standard, easy-to-navigate but comprehensive checklist of items and information that needs to be captured in order to ensure the installation was done to spec and is qualified to be warrantied. Inspectors can capture notes and pictures in the app at the install site, along with the customer’s signature for confirmation of inspection, right on their iPads. All the information captured is cached if there is no internet connection, ensuring that no data is lost no matter where the inspections take place. Our solution is fully integrated into the back end of our Client’s warranty module, so when the inspection is complete and there is an internet connection available, all the data from the inspection is automatically entered into the system with no manual process at all.


Our tailor-made solution drastically improves the efficiency of collecting and entering inspection data to ensure products were installed correctly. This marks a significant reduction in the risk of issuing warranties, as well as shaving substantial amounts of time off each inspection performed by a nationwide install force, showing them an ROI on the project within the first year of using it in the field. Best of all, our solution improves the customer experience, providing a sophisticated and comprehensive interaction with the customer that matches the qualities of the product our Client sells.

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