SaaS Always Means Better and Cheaper, Right? Wrong.

Replace never-ending SaaS costs with an application that you own, customized to YOUR business.


Our client is in the field service industry, managing sales and installation of new air compressor equipment, as well as servicing existing equipment in both residential and commercial environments. They managed their inventory, sales, service records and financials through a mostly paper process, with the help of an antiquated software suite that ran on an on-site server. The maintenance cost and headaches of the server hardware, as well as the antiquated way of managing their paper process was inefficient and increasingly difficult to keep up with as their business continued to grow. They needed a better way to manage their business, but off-the-shelf SaaS solutions were expensive in the long run and didn’t capture the information they needed without significant modifications.

Our Solution:

We worked with our Client to understand all the ins and outs of their business, mapping out the flow of information from initial sale to service to invoicing for the customer. We not only gained a comprehensive understanding of their business but were also able to suggest efficiencies in the process along the way. We used this deep knowledge of their business to create a web application and companion iPad app that is catered specifically to their needs and allows them to run the entire process digitally.

Our solution includes all the components to run their business:

-CRM, to manage all customer contact information, the equipment they have, and a service history for each piece of equipment per customer account.

-Quoting, allowing our Client to take information from the customer’s specific equipment and create accurate quotes for service and new installation. These quotes are saved to the customer’s record and can also be easily moved into Work Orders for service calls.

-Field Service, assigning Work Orders to service technicians in the field. Technicians can view all their calls for the day, including customer history, equipment on site, and maps to where they are going, all accessible with iPads they can carry with them. While on site, they can capture notes and pictures from the job, take parts out of inventory automatically, and even provide the customer with an invoice on-site, capturing their signature right on the iPad and emailing them a copy. All of the data captured on the iPad on site automatically updates back to the main app to stay up-to-date.

-Inventory, keeping track of all the parts in stock and on order, including real-time updates as technicians use parts for Work Orders.

– BI Dashboard, allowing our Client to view all open orders, where their technicians are in the field, inventory levels, and most importantly sales trends. Easy to read charts and graphs take the guess work out of understanding all the information available and allow our Client to make actionable business decisions based on real-time data.


Our solution completely replaced the old software and a difficult, error prone paper process with a much more efficient, all digital workflow that connects every aspect of their business in one app. More sales and new field technicians no longer cause the pain of additional paperwork.  Our solution scales with them instantly, so they can focus on growing their business instead of managing it! Because our solution is cloud-hosted, there are no hardware maintenance costs or downtime to contend with. Customers love that they can see the work that was done and sign and receive digital invoices all while the field technician is still on site, giving our Client a huge competitive advantage. Best of all, the total cost of the solution was less than the licensing of an off-the-shelf SaaS solution would have been for just 12 months, meaning that our Client will see an ROI within the first year of using their new app!

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