New Service, New Platform, New Customers, New Revenue

Take care of your customers first, and revenue will follow…along with more customers


Our Client services a large portion of the food and beverage industry through marketing and fulfillment offerings. They wanted to partner up with many of the largest companies in the industry to create a standardized system to incentivize salespeople and distributors to sell more and support additional products, regardless of vendor. This would provide a value-added service for current customers, while simultaneously giving our Client an additional avenue to sell into potential customers. It would also give them access to collect and analyze data across the industry, which no other company had the ability to do.

Our Solution:

We created a cloud-hosted web application that serves as a centralized location for a brand-new rewards program platform, spanning across otherwise unconnected manufacturing vendors in the industry. The application tracks orders from individual operators and rewards them points based on invoice amounts. Salespeople can login to an accompanying eCommerce platform we integrated with to view their points and redeem them for promotion items (t-shirts, hats, bags, golf balls, etc.). Manufacturers have the ability to increase the points awarded for products to support sales campaigns or drive individual product sales if needed. Data is collected across the system and can be reported in real time on sales trends, campaign successes, and individual product sales. We designed the entire platform to be as automated as possible, but even included OCR scanning so missed invoices could be easily uploaded to redeem reward points if needed, without any manual data entry required by our Client.


Our solution has been a huge success for our Client, even exceeding what they thought was possible. There are already more food service manufacturers involved in the program than they anticipated, with tens of thousands of different operators currently participating. In less than a year, they’ve supported thousands of promotions, and have awarded millions of points through the system. In addition to providing an additional revenue stream for our Client, our solution is also providing them a way to upsell their products and services into current clients, while also giving them a value-added relationship to start selling products and services to manufacturers in the program that aren’t yet customers of our Client’s core business. The Client has already seen the ROI of the new platform and wish they would have had us build it for them sooner!

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