Innovative Technology Should be Shared with Your Customers

Having great ways to take care of your customers doesn’t mean much if your customers don’t know it.


Our Client performs commercial roofing inspection and maintenance services, and prides themselves on being the most discerning and detail-oriented provider in their industry. They utilize a combination of airplane footage, aerial drone footage and manual on-roof photographs to gain as much knowledge as possible about the roofs they work on.  They use this information internally for descriptive quotes and inspection documentation for new customers, as well as detailed warranty and maintenance reports to existing customers that they service. Even with all this detailed information available, they were still manually creating each presentation to customers on paper and storing this information across several different internal systems. They needed a way to easily and securely share this information with customers, while keeping their internal notes and documentation separated for future use, ideally in one centralized system.

Our Solution:

We created a web application that allowed our Client to upload all the aerial and on-roof photos into a single system to capture and store everything in one central location, organizing by customer for easy document and data management. To take advantage of the detailed photos they were taking, we added functionality to allow for drawing directly on images, to highlight specific areas. We then added a way to pin areas of the photo with notes to easily share problem areas or comments both internally and with customers. To fully utilize the new centralized system, we created a customer portal, to allow the Client to easily share the newly edited photos, notes, findings, estimated budgets and building details with their customers with a simple website.


With their new centralized solution, the Client is able to keep everything easily organized, and save hours of data entry time by making highlights and notes directly on the photos themselves. Allowing them to easily share these with their customers ensures that the customer facing portal is as innovative as their internal processes for capturing and inspecting images. As a result, the customer experience now feels fresh and cutting edge, offering a huge competitive advantage for the Client, all while saving them time and money.

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