Complex Workflows Don’t Have to Mean Complex Data Entry

Think your workflows are too complex to automate? Think again!


Our Client manages professional certifications in a highly technical field. Due to the nature of the certificates, there were dozens of different paths and an even greater number of tests that could ultimately lead to a certification. With so many different paths available, the constantly evolving nature of the certificates being awarded, updated and renewed, and the different pricing structures associated with each test, the Client had a logistical nightmare of workflows to manage. To keep track of it all, they were resorting to a highly manual process of tracking and updating each path, which was a continuous, expensive and error-prone endeavor. They desperately needed a system that would understand and account for the variables involved for each certification and help automate as much of the process as possible.

Our Solution:

We took a deep dive in and immersed ourselves with the Client’s current workflows to fully understand the complexities of each certificate. This included the different test paths for certifications, the pricing involved for each test, and the options for rewarding and renewing the certificates. We also took into account tests that were failed and needed to be retaken in order to achieve a certification, as well as the additional certification paths that were opened up as individual tests were passed. We boiled this massive amount of information down and created elegantly generalized, easily customization and automated workflow templates. This way each certification could be created, updated and managed by the Client, without having to create a brand-new workflow every time a certification needed to be added or updated. We also added a customer portal for users to view their certification options, current progress, test scores, and timeline for expiration and renewal. The solution even incorporates scheduled reminders automatically sent to current customers to remind them of renewal, eliminating nearly all the previously manual touchpoints that the Client was responsible for.


While the backend logic of the solution is incredibly complex, the Client is now presented with an easy way to manage and update every certification. This eliminates countless hours of manual tasks each month, as well as alleviating the headaches and errors involved in tracking individual certifications for every customer. Better yet, customers now have an easy way to manage all their current certifications and expiration dates, as well as view prices and track progress on new certifications, all from an easy-to-use web interface. Not only will this solution pay for itself in the first year of being implemented, it also drastically improves the accuracy of the data being captured and maintained, and most importantly, leads to a much better customer experience throughout the process.

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