Have Sales Data, but Scared to Share it

What’s the point of collecting all your sales data if you never put it to good use?


Our Client had a wealth of sales data in their financial system, but it was unorganized, inaccessible, and didn’t allow for any control over who could see what. While this was useful for Executives, the Client wanted to easily share this data with the sales organization, without giving everybody access to their financial system. They also wanted to control access to their sensitive sales information, without opening their books to everyone in the organization.

Our Solution:

We created an integration with the Client’s financial system that would automatically pull relevant sales data into a separate centralized, web-hosted application. Our solution utilized a hierarchy that would use the credentials of the user to automatically filter only what they were authorized to see based on their sales territory and position in the organization. To make the data easily consumable, we worked with the Client to create a series of dashboards, tables, charts and graphs which displayed only relevant information (sales vs. budgets, sales vs. other regions, forecasts, etc.). The solution also includes a series of filters that allows users to dynamically drill down through the information, to view anything from total territory sales, down to product-specific sales, and control by any date range they choose.


Every member of the sales organization, from VP’s and Regional Managers down to individual Field Sales Reps, now have a central location to access all the sales metrics relevant to them, in real time. Because our solution automatically filters the available data based on user credentials, our Client can rest easy knowing their data is accessible but still secured to protect against unauthorized access. This allows the Client to use their data in an efficient and actionable way, resulting in a more knowledgeable and better planned sales force.

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