Turning Lead-to-Contact Time into Days, not Weeks

How long can you afford to wait before contacting customers interested in your products?


Our Client had a lead management system in place that would gather leads in bulk to be distributed to their national sales team. With no functionality to parse the leads or distribute them, the software required an export into a spreadsheet, to be manually split and sent to Regional Managers. The managers then had to further split the leads up and deliver them to the appropriate sales people in the field. This equated to hours of time spent every week by Marketing, Administrative and Sales staff, not to mention a huge delay in lead-to-contact time.

Our Solution:

We developed a module that integrates into our Client’s ERP platform and segments the leads by county and salesperson. We then created an Azure-hosted service that downloads the leads daily, leveraging the new ERP module to determine lead assignment. Leads are automatically imported into the ERP and assigned to the correct sales person. The entire process is so automated that it only takes a few minutes to run, allowing our Client to process leads daily instead of weekly.


By automating the entire lead distribution process, we were able to save our Client over 200 hours or manual process every year. More importantly, our solution eliminates days of time between lead generation and customer contact, resulting in a far more customer-centric approach to following up on potential future sales. 

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