Sell More, Manage Less

What would you do with a few more weeks in the year to sell to your customers?


Our Client was handling shipping logistics totaling over two million parcels a year for a single customer. The orders were received in multiple formats from different workflows based on order content and file type.  Due to the lack of standardization, the effort of importing orders into their warehouse management system was cumbersome. Orders had to be manually followed through picking, packaging and shipping , requiring a significant amount of manual order entry, tracking and follow up.  

Our Solution:

We developed a standardized workflow that allows orders to be entered automatically into our Client’s Warehouse Management System, regardless of order source or format. The automated process takes all potential workflows into account and allows orders to flow through the entire fulfillment process with minimal manual intervention ever necessary. All of the order entry, processing, invoice printing and reporting is now fully automated. This new solution is also designed to grow with the Client, allowing them to add new data formats and customer invoice printouts into the workflow, without needing separate processes for each. 


With the new workflow in place and the cumbersome manual processes eliminated, our Client can now safely and efficiently take on additional volume. This allowed them to expand their product line, which led to an immediate expansion of more than 40,000 parcels with just one customer, showing them an immediate ROI on the project. In addition to supporting growth with current customers, our solution has reduced the time it takes to on board new customers and product lines from weeks to hours.

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