Automating Manual Tasks in a Single Day

New Risk and Compliance Policy doesn’t have to mean new work for you


Our Client had tens of thousands of records being stored in Azure SQL, with a loose data retention policy of seven years. New Risk and Compliance policies required them to change the data retention to a strict six years and put a process in place to eliminate data as it aged six years and one day. This created a daunting daily manual task due to the amount of data that was affected. Because new records are added daily, these tasks would never have an end date – our Client would be removing entries every day forever!

Our Solution:

We used our RoverGo Product to schedule a hands-off query of the customers data every day and set it to delete any record at the end of the day it aged 6 years.  This ensures our client’s data is purged every day, including weekends and holidays, without any manual interaction on their part at all.


By leveraging RoverGo, we were able to setup and configure the entire process in less than a day. With ongoing licensing costs of less then $10 dollars a month, our Client saw an ROI on this project by the 4th week it was running! On top of the cost savings, they are also able to ensure compliance to the new policy by automating the data being purged on a daily basis.

More about RoverGo:

RoverGo is an easy-to-setup, simple-to-manage and extremely cost effective way of scheduling automated tasks in Azure.

  • Schedule SQL and MySQL Tasks
  • Security-First Design
  • Email Alerts
  • Job History
  • Super Configurable
  • Schedule Multiple Tasks
  • Mobile-Friendly

Learn more by visiting

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