Content, Content Everywhere: No Good Way to View

Business doesn’t just happen in front of a desk anymore. Take your content mobile.


Our client had a wealth of technical documents available for their products, but no way to share them with customers and technicians in the field. They wanted to fully leverage their investment in the documentation they had created, while simultaneously reducing the amount of customer service time spent helping technicians navigate to the right documentation for products.


We created a mobile application for Android and iOS that gave customers and field technicians an easy interface to consume technical documentation, installation videos, and spec sheets for our Client’s products. We collaborated with our Client to start printing QR codes on all of their product labels, and built a QR reader into the app, so customers could easily scan any product and be taken to the right documentation in real time. Because the app connects to their current Document Management System, our Client didn’t have to change their process for managing or updating their documentation at all.


By making it easy to access all the relevant product information in the field, our Client can now fully leverage the product information they have available. The mobile app we created for them allows their salespeople to sell more, technicians to be more efficient, and customers to be better informed. It also significantly decreases the amount of time spent on customer service, by allowing customers and technicians to access the information they need directly. While all of those benefits mean an improved customer experience, the biggest ROI for our Client on this project is the edge the mobile app gives them over their competition.


After implementation, the mobile app we created for our Client was so widely used and successful in the field, that they decided to expand it’s functionality to internal users. We created an add-on app that was geared specifically to field technicians and installers, that allows installers to capture information about an install, including pictures, that our client can review and retain as part of their QA and warranty process.

The add-on app also allows field techs to view a dashboard of their daily service calls, complete with notes from the customer’s purchase, install and warranty history. By automating the field service process, all information is viewed and captured in real-time.

All of the paperwork processes previously needed as part of the warranty process for the Client were completely replaced with this new digital process. Field Techs can come up to speed about their calls before interacting with the customer, reference previous interaction, and even capture customer signatures electronically. All of this leads to a far more efficient process, and more importantly, a far better customer experience.

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