Expensive Maintenance for an Inexpensive Third Party Solution

No cloud version available? Says who?


Our Client was using a third party solution that was hosted on an in-house server that our Client was responsible for maintaining. With limited IT staff and aging hardware, they were paying more to maintain the server than they were for the third party solution.

Added complication: The vendor for the third party solution does not support cloud-hosted deployments.

Our Solution:

We migrated the third party solution off of the aging in-house server and into the cloud on Azure. Without vendor support, we took the lead on troubleshooting and working through all of the logistics needed to make the solution work. After trailblazing the cloud migration, we even assisted the third party vendor with cloud-enabling their product so they could skip the bulk of the troubleshooting for their next client looking to move, adding value to everybody involved in the project.


In a little over 2 weeks, we were able to completely eliminate the need for an expensive new server. And as our Client’s business grows, the solution will grow with them – without the need to worry about new hardware, server patching, or up-time – it takes care of itself. Eliminating the cost of hardware and support for the client allowed them to realize an ROI in less than 6 months, and cost less than a new Server would have cost to begin with.

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